Virtualize home mail server

For economy computer resources I have got new idea. Take old notebook, install Windows 7 and VmWare Workstation Pro. Switch off Windows GUI and run it like Windows Server Core. Share virtual machine at VmWare Workstation server and switch on remote desktop at it. Profit! The speed up to 30%!

1S (1C) base very slowly [Solved]

Yesterday I received a request from inner client that some 1S (1C) operating base very slowly. Every diagnostic tool which I used did not show the existence of problems. The problems was solved by next algorithm:

  1. Open base in configuration mode. Be patient – this process can be lengthy.
  2. Open configuration
  3. Change structure of configuration. For example – add new empty global module.
  4. Save configuration.

After this 1S (1C) will restructure all tables in cinfiguration and your base will work qiuck.

ATTENTION: 1) Always make backups! 2) Standard base-control mechanism was not fulfilling its functions in this case!

Get SMS from 1C Mobile Application

For several days I have been sick and had to stay at home. All this time I tried to resolve problem with getting SMS from 1C Mobile Application. After I went through all variants I decided to create new system in VmWare, re-install all instruments and start debug process again. Well… It working! In this example we can see the important role of environment in which we make code.

Connect QNAP-NAS to site

Because my site running under virtual machine it has limited resources for disk space. For solve this problem I was need connect my QNAP-NAS to the site. So, initial data:

  1. QNAP NAS in local network with static ip-address.
  2. Personal web-site in virtual machine with static ip-address
  3. Router with internet link and switch

Now algorithm for this operation:

  1. Create user “www” on QNAP NAS
  2. Create directory at NAS, share it and setup permissions “r+w” for “www” user
  3. Mount shared directory in Ubuntu by it instruments

    Attention! Be sure to add to mount command options “uid” and “gid” with local user and his group for correct rights at directory.
  4. Change in WordPress files default upload path to mounted directory.
  5. Enjoy 🙂 Now I have 2Tb for on QNAP-NAS for my personal web site.