1S (1C) base very slowly [Solved]

Yesterday I received a request from inner client that some 1S (1C) operating base very slowly. Every diagnostic tool which I used did not show the existence of problems. The problems was solved by next algorithm:

  1. Open base in configuration mode. Be patient – this process can be lengthy.
  2. Open configuration
  3. Change structure of configuration. For example – add new empty global module.
  4. Save configuration.

After this 1S (1C) will restructure all tables in cinfiguration and your base will work qiuck.

ATTENTION: 1) Always make backups! 2) Standard base-control mechanism was not fulfilling its functions in this case!

Get SMS from 1C Mobile Application

For several days I have been sick and had to stay at home. All this time I tried to resolve problem with getting SMS from 1C Mobile Application. After I went through all variants I decided to create new system in VmWare, re-install all instruments and start debug process again. Well… It working! In this example we can see the important role of environment in which we make code.