AVPlayer Works on Simulator, but not on device

I’m trying to stream a radio, here is the code:


          guard let streamURL = URL(string: "http://17523.live.streamtheworld.com:3690/JP_SP_FM_SC") else {       
                print("Stream Error ")          
        let streamItem = AVPlayerItem(url: streamURL)
        avPlayer = AVPlayer(playerItem: streamItem)

It’s working on Simulator but in the device, it’s not! In the console, I have the following error:

CredStore – performQuery – Error copying matching creds.  Error=-25300, query={

    class = inet;

    “m_Limit” = “m_LimitAll”;

    “r_Attributes” = 1;

    sync = syna;


Can anyone help me with a clue?

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