Sharing String from iOS to WatchKit with App Groups

I’m trying to share a string from my iOS app to my WatchKit-app. I have enabled App-Groupsfor both the iOS app and the WatchKit extension. Then, in my iOS app, I set a variable for the UserDefaults.


let defaults = UserDefaults(suiteName: "")


Then in the ViewController, I set defaults to a string from the text of a TextField.


defaults?.set(textField.text!, forKey: "KEY")


Inside the iOS app, this works perfectly and I can access this and get the right value. But, inside the WatchKit app, I try to get the string.


let defaults = UserDefaults(suiteName: "") let string = defaults?.string(forKey: "KEY")


But string returns nil. I’ve looked through tons of tutorials, and I have made sure that each target has the same group identifier, different Bundle Identifiers, and the entitlement .plist files are correct. Can you please help?

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