Argument label and parameter name

in the playground 9.1 im learning Xcode. at lesson 10, i can’t understand argument label and parameter name.

could please explain them to me VERY easily.

for example i didn’t understand the Exercise: argument label below:

what should i do now?

thank you…



## Exercise: Argument Label
Functions and their arguments should be named so that they read like a clear instruction when they’re called. To make this easier, you can give parameters two names - an _argument label_ to be used when calling the function and a _parameter name_ to be used within the function’s body.
func score(reds: Int, greens: Int, golds: Int) -> Int {
    let pointsPerRed = 5
    let pointsPerGreen = 10
    let pointsPerGold = 30
    let redScore = reds * pointsPerRed
    let greenScore = greens * pointsPerGreen
    let goldScore = golds * pointsPerGold
    return redScore + greenScore + goldScore
let finalScore = score(reds: 5, greens: 3, golds: 3)
- callout(Exercise): Add an argument label to the function definition so it reads like this when you call it:
`let finalScore = score(withReds: 5, greens: 3, golds: 3)`
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