AT&T’s Strategy for Cloud Transformation Is Oracle Cloud at Customer

By: Maywun Wong 

Director, Product Marketing

AT&T, the largest telecom company in the world by revenue, has a massive IT ecosystem, with 18 data center locations and more than 40,000 databases. Some of the databases in its legacy system are so large—greater than 8TB—that users cannot access these databases with the company’s internal cloud. This hardly supports the kind of flexibility required for rapid responses to market changes.

To address this, AT&T is in the process of transforming its IT ecosystem to improve system and development speed, provide better availability and access to new technologies for its employees, and offer customers more innovative services. The company set a goal of virtualizing 75% of its core network functions by 2020, reaching 55% by the end of 2017.

That’s where a partnership with Oracle to deploy Cloud at Customerand Oracle Cloud comes in. If you missed the AT&T team at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 talking about this exciting step in its cloud journey, you can get the story here:

With Cloud at Customer, the Cloud Is Always Within Reach

For organizations—even the largest enterprises—with legacy systems that are too complex to move to the public cloud, or that need to comply with regulations or sovereignty laws, Cloud at Customer offers a secure and efficient way to experience the transformational effects of cloud technology while keeping the organization’s data behind its firewalls. Cloud at Customer is ideal for customers with apps that are sensitive to WAN network latency, and for customers who want cloud benefits but are not ready for public cloud.

With Cloud at Customer, organizations can not only focus on their core competencies, but also stay competitive by adopting the data-intensive technologies that are reshaping their industries.

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