Black Bars Top/Bottom of iPhone X SpriteKit Game

Before the iPhone X was fully released, I was working on a SpriteKit game for the iPhone 7 Plus and phones prior to that. Then came the iPhone X and these new rules on where a “safe area” would be on the iPhone X. I set up a “LaunchImage” asset and added a 1125 × 2436 pixels image to the “iPhone X Portrait iOS 11” which is named “loadingscreen” The loading screen fits on the iPhone X simulator but not on my iPhone X device. Anyways, after the simulator loads past the loading screen, it brings up the main menu of my SpriteKit game where you see the black bars on both top and bottom of the display.


I’m not using interface builder at all for this game, it was all done programmatically. Below is a picture of my menu screen and another is the loading screen.

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