static library – Xcode 9 – Swift

I have to deliver SDK to my customers. SDK is about accepting different Payment methods.


This is high level strucure of the SDK.


AllPayments.Framework – Dynamic framework (Swift) – It has all Public APIs for customers to consume.

Verification.Framework – Dynamic framework (Swift) – AllPayments.Framework uses this for payment verification purpose.

Network.Framework – Dynamic framework (Swift) – AllPayments.Framework, Verification.framework uses this for network operations


(for now i have taken 3 components but list is long).


I have to explicity mention in my release/integration guide that customer has to first integration AllPayments.frameworks and explicitly needs to add Verification and Network frameworks because AllPayments is depended on it.


In order to make it more simple, how best i can utilize the Swift Static framework of XCode 9?

Should i create AllPayments as static library so that it swallow the Verification.Framework & Network.Framework and customer has to use only AllPayments static library. But challenge here it “I can not distribute swift static library”


Please suggest alternate approch.

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