SAP Hits the Runway at New York Fashion Week

For the first time ever, fashion and technology are collaborating to revolutionize the runway experience – for both designers and consumers.

SAP + Badgley Mischka

The idea began when SAP joined forces with fashion designer Badgley Mischka. They wanted to find a way to get closer to their audience and let them interact with their New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 Collection runway show, but were not sure how. That’s where SAP stepped in.

After many design thinking and innovation sessions, SAP decided to create a mobile app in order to bring the runway show directly to the audience’s fingertips. SAP Leonardo and machine learning makes it possible for guests to receive information on their mobile devices about each article of clothing as it hits the runway, in real time. Audience members are then able to vote “like” or “love” on their favorite looks.

Now, Badgley Mischka is more in tune with their fans than ever before. The team can utilize data from audience votes to improve their business operations going into the Fall 2018 season. The insight helps in decisions about how much of one type of fabric to order, which looks to push out in stores, what types of looks they should continue to design in the future, and more.

This collaboration of fashion and technology revolutionizing the modern runway, and allows designers to become more in touch with their consumers than ever before.


In addition to the runway show app, SAP is bringing a Fashion Leaderboard to NYFW for the entire event, from February 8-14. Using SAP Leonardo and machine learning technology, we are able to analyze social media sentiment surrounding every aspect of fashion week. Facial recognition technology reads guest’s reactions during runway shows, runs it through machine learning algorithms, and applies sentiment to each expression. This gives designers insight as to how their looks are received by their target audiences, and will help guide them as they shape their looks in future seasons.

SAP Leonardo also collects data on photos, videos, and posts that use #NYFW. From this, IMG can see a wide variety of data — from what colors are most popular, to what style of pants people liked the most.

The partnerships with IMG and Badgley Mischka are new and exciting for SAP, and we look forward to continuing to innovate together.

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