14 Oracle Code Events Will Wow Developers in Americas, Europe, and Asia

Last year, Oracle technologists took an epic road trip to connect with 600,000 developers worldwide, launching the Oracle Code series of free events and hands-on labs. That was so much fun, Oracle Code will visit another 14 cities in 2018, starting in Los Angeles on February 27, hitting New York and Chicago in March, tangoing through Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Boston, and Bengaluru in April, and touching down in Singapore, China, and several cities in Europe in May and June. Check here to see all the cities.

The goal? Giving the developer community a place to share ideas and try out technologies for building cloud-native apps, in any language, for any purpose. Technologies to be covered are both exciting and useful: serverless computing, API design, chatbots and conversational interfaces, machine learning, open source innovation, and more.

But software is made by people, and people problems are often the hardest to solve, so Oracle Code will also host experts in productivity and inclusiveness. There will be lunches for women in technology networking, education around DevOps practices, and inspiring talks on how to automate your most annoying code tasks.

Promoting Women, Celebrating Open Data

Women in tech could use more chances to network with their peers—and Oracle Code would like to be that place. There will be a Women in Technology (WIT) lunch (or breakfast) at most Oracle Code events. The first lunch, in Los Angeles, will feature Monica Kumar, Oracle vice president of database and big data cloud product marketing, and Heather VanCura, Oracle director and chair of the Java Community Process (JCP). Serendipitously, International Women’s Day coincides with the March 8 Oracle Code in New York City.

Oracle Code New York coincides with the Big Apple’s Open Data Week. So a talk by New York City-based Oracle Senior Software Development Manager Marc Sewtz is perfectly on theme, teaching developers to use Oracle APEX to easily tap municipal data.

At all Oracle Code events, you’ll hear from experts from both outside and inside Oracle. At Oracle Code Chicago, for example, non-Oracle pros will share tips on using Apache Kafka for streaming analytics, and Oracle experts will discuss how open source tools can modernize your database development, among many other topics.

To get your free ticket to an Oracle Code event near you, check the itinerary below and sign up.


       Oracle Code Americas

       ◦      Los Angeles (registration now open) – February 27

       ◦      New York (registration now open) – March 8

       ◦      Chicago (registration now open) – March 20

       ◦      Boston (registration now open) – April 17

       ◦      Buenos Aires – April 24

       ◦      Bogotá – April 26


       Oracle Code Europe

       ◦      Warsaw (registration now open) – May 11

       ◦      London – May 30

       ◦      Berlin – TBD

       ◦      Paris  – TBD


       Oracle Code Asia

       ◦      Hyderabad (registration now open) – April 4

       ◦      Bengaluru (registration now open) – April 10

       ◦      Singapore – May 17

       ◦      Shenzhen – TBD

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