Best practice for app using tab bar & nav bar

I am in the process of re-coding an app from the ground up.  When this app runs it gets the following console error msg:


“…     Presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouraged …”


Because I have puzzled over that I coded up a demo app based on the app in question and in so doing eliminated the error.  While that is good, it seems that I am adding a lot of navigation objects and am not certain that I am going about my re-coding in the best manner.  I’ll explain.


My app has four tab bar items:  data, info, tip pref and email.  Each represent a separate view/view controller.


Tapping the data tab bar segues to the detail view showing calculations based on user entered data in the data view textfields. The detail view hides the tab bar items and has a


Tapping any of the remaining tab bar buttons segue the user to those views, but these views DO show all of the tab bar buttons.  These views do not have a


My question is this:  Is it best to embed a navigaion controller in each view so that each view will have a


As noted above, using this method eliminated the “…detached …” error, so perhaps this is the best coding practice.


Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.



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