since iOS 11.3 WKWebView no longer opens with parameters from the load function

My application uses a basic login view before displaying a WKWebView.


Authentication is a two-phase step such as follows :


Step 1 : enter credentials through a login page, which is handled by an asynchronous method.


IF the callback response code is a 200, the credentials are saved in the Keychain and a segue is called to get to the view containing the webview.


IF the authentication fails, an error message appears but the application does not switch views.


Step 2 : the webview loads a HTTP POST request using the credentials saved within the Keychain.



In 9 < iOS < 11.3, the authentication succeeds and we have access to the webview while being logged in.


In iOS 11.3, the Step 1 succeeds, which means the server recognises the credentials but the Webview still loads a 403 error page.


I have asked our backend to provide logs of the request sent when calling the load function from the Webview, and it appears to be parameters-free, which explains the 403 error.



A bug report has already been submitted,


Xcode version is 9.3

Swift 4.1

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