A background view remains visible when you try to hide SearchBar through the alpha

I’m having trouble hiding SearchBar on NavigationItem.(Xcode 9 | Swift 4)

ex: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6is5mukpk1yew8e/bgSearch.gif?dl=0 Using this code:


func scrollViewDidScroll (_ scrollView: UIScrollView) { let transp: Float = Float (1 - (mTableView.contentOffset.y / (mTableView.contentSize.height - mTableView.frame.size.height) * 60)) self.navigationController! .navigationBar.alpha = CGFloat (transp) self.mSearchController.searchBar.alpha = CGFloat (transp) titleMsgView.alpha = CGFloat (transp) }


Everything works fine, except for a background that I could not access to hide with the alpha. I’m using:


viewDidLoad() { mSearchController = UISearchController (searchResultsController: nil) mSearchController.delegate = self as? UISearchControllerDelegate mSearchController.searchResultsUpdater = self navigationItem.searchController = mSearchController } 


As the SerchBar search field disappears correctly, you will understand that it is something with the NavigationItem to which it has been added. Could someone help me solve the problem?

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