Function to check if 2 strings are 1 or 0 elements different

Original Challenge:

There are three types of edits on strings edit, replace, delete. Given two strings, write a function to return if one string is 0 or 1 edit away from the other.


Ex: pale, ple -> true

      pales, pale -> true

      pale, bale -> true

      pale, bake -> false


This is what I have so far. I have quite a few errors and not sure why. Can someone point me in the right direction?

import UIKit

extension String where Element: Hashable {
    func difference(from s: String) -> Bool {
    let firstSet = Set(self)
    let otherSet = Set(s)
    if String(firstSet.symmetricDifference(otherSet)) where String.filter { $0 <= 1 }
    return true
    } else {
    return false


Here are the errors I'm getting:

- trailing 'where' clause for extension of  non-generic type 'String' (line 3)

- '(String) -> ((Character) throws -> Bool) throws -> String' is not convertible to 'Bool' (line 8)

- 'String' is not convertible to 'Bool' (line 8)

- Anonymous closure argument not contained in a closure (line 8)

- Expected ',' joining parts of a multi-clause condition (line 8)

- Replace ' where' with ',' (line 8)

- Consecutive declarations on a line must be separated by ';' (line 10)

- insert ';' (line 10)

- Expected declaration (line 10)


If someone could point me in the right direction or tell me why I'm getting these errors I'd appreciate it?

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