How do I prevent an app process from being killed in the background during guided access mode?

I have an app that allows an admin user to ensure that a regular user is in guided access mode at certain times to make sure that the regular user is only using the one app that the admin user is permitting. So the admin user has an admin panel where he can see if the regular user is in guided access mode or not. If the regular user leaves guided access mode, the admin user is notified immidiately. Let’s call this arrangement, where the regular user is in guided access and the admin user can see this “Test mode”.


We wanted to add functionality that would allow the user to turn their phone screen off (lock their iPhone) during Test Mode to conserve battery. Guided access has an options menu that allows you to lock your screen while in guided access. The problem is that when the phone remains locked for a couple minute, app processes might be killed in the background– when this happens, the socket connection we are using to communicate to the admin that the user is in guided access mode is severed– so even though the user is still in guided access, the admin will be notified that the user has left Test Mode, which will cause a lot of confusion.


I was wondering if there was any way around this, such as keeping the app alive in the background. I have heard that qualifying VOIP apps might be given access to this functionality through a special application to Apple and was wondering if its possible for other apps to apply as well, especially since this is such a necessary functionality for using Guided Access as an admin control layer. If not, are there other work-arounds that can be used?

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