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I may be missing something here but I can’t find any documentation / sample code of how to work with PDFKit Widgets.


I’ve downloaded the ‘PDFAnnotationWidgetsAdvanced’ project’ which very nicely shows how to add widgets to a PDF. Fine. But I can’t find information on how to ‘read’ what the widget state is, update a text field etc.


For example:

– I have a PDF with several checkboxes.

– When a user clicks on a checkbox it runs a script to calculate how many of the checkboxes have been selected

– The script to detect the selection works, but I can not work out how to iterate through the checkboxes on the page and find out if they have been selected.


Note: Radiobuttons can be determined through .isHighlighted, but nothing for checkboxes.


-Then at the end of script, once it has calculated how many checkboxes have been sleected, I want the number to be presented in a textbox.

I can add textbox at the start and give it a value, but can’t seem to find a way of changing it.


I find the apple documentation very poor on this topic with no tutorial / sample code on anything more than simply adding widgets


Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

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