Scale Now Applies to Nearly Any Business

For this episode of OracleNext, I was thrilled to welcome Aaron Lazenby, Editor-in-Chief of Profit Magazine.

The newest issue of Profit examines how enterprises large and small are conducting business at scale—whether that means improving their capital investments; using autonomous technologies to combat thorny labor and talent shortages; or deploying cloud applications to get ahead of industry incumbents and new challengers alike.

In this OracleNext episode, Aaron shares what he’s learned from our customers’ diverse stories of scale:

  • Unpack the business strategy behind Fortune 500 companies’ latest “table stakes” infrastructure investments.
  • Find out how one healthcare company is using autonomous analytics tools to decrease turnaround time on medical lab testing—from weeks down to one day or one hour.
  • Discover what one startup is doing to rapidly scale their complex data processing—in order to help their own customers solve difficult HR problems, such as identifying a new office location with the shortest commute time for all current employees.


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