OCR and Swift



I want to learn how to create a relatively simple app that will use OCR to identify typed (not handwritten) text. It will need to read text from a url on a computer screen taken from a picture on a phone, and copy that information to a clipboard for pasting.

The last time I coded was HTML 5-6 years ago in high school, although I did slighly dabble in java last year at college. My question is, before I start learning how to use swift, will I be able to incorporate OCR using Swift? What type of code can I start off learning that is able to be implemented as an iOS iPhone app, and can support OCR in the way I want? Again, I’m not looking for something to understand handwritten text as I know that is where things get very complicated. I’m looking to keep things simple yet still produce the OCR app I want.


After a wiki search, it looks like the technique “matrix matching” seems to be the most simple to achieve this, where the program compairs an image to a stored glyph on a pixel-by-pixel basis. What code can be used to do this for a beginner?

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