MONDAY SPOTLIGHT : Oracle Linux and DTrace

Oracle Linux

DTrace is a dynamic tracing facility for performance analysis and troubleshooting that lets system administrators and developers examine running systems, including system calls and kernel actions. DTrace enables you to explore your system
to understand how it works, track down performance problems, or locate the cause of errors. DTrace lets you create custom programs or quick “one liners” to dynamically instrument the system
and provide immediate answers to arbitrary questions you can formulate using the
DTrace D programming language.

DTrace is intended for production systems, and can be used to
troubleshoot performance problems and errors by gathering and
aggregating information about system behavior.

Introduced in the Oracle Solaris operating system, DTrace has been ported to Oracle Linux  running Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 3 or 4, and can be downloaded from the Oracle Linux DTrace download page.  Information on how to use Oracle Linux DTrace can be found on the Oracle Linux DTrace Guide and the Oracle Linux DTrace Tutorial.

DTrace is a powerful tool for understanding system behavior, fixing problems, and identifying bottlenecks. Future articles will illustrate how you can use DTrace to optimize performance under Oracle Linux.

For further information about Oracle Linux, please see the Oracle Linux pages.

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