How does XCode select an embedded framework's .swiftmodule?

When using a custom framework, it has a FrameworkX.swiftmodule folder, with specific architecture files (e.g. x86_64.swiftmodule, arm64.swiftmodule).


How does XCode select the .swiftmodule file it uses / needs (for code completion and when compiling)?


The reason i’m asking this, is because i really want to make a universal framework / module – not just one that has, for an example, iOS device & simulator modules, but also a tvOS one – but this creates a clash in the .swiftmodule file naming – both would need the arm64 & x86_64 modules.

So, there must be some logic in how XCode chooses the one it uses – maybe there’s even a way for me to step in, and point to a different file.

Or is there a way to run a script (that copies the one currently needed to the right place) when / before XCode helps with code completion?


If i can be more clear on the idea, please let me know.


Best of wishes,


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