AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue -25204

I have a long-lost question about my application clicks and control of other applications. I use AXUIElement to implement this feature, but I have tried it for a long time, using OC before Mac OS 10.8 is achievable, but after 10.9 return AXError -25204, Please help me to see why.Thanks & Best Regards



OC Code:


            AXUIElementRef element = AXUIElementCreateApplication(537);//537 is a running app’s pid


            CFTypeRef  frontWindow;

            AXError err = AXUIElementCopyAttributeValue(element, kAXWindowsAttribute,&frontWindow);


            NSLog(@”%d  %@”,err,frontWindow);     //-25204  (null)


             CFArrayRef names;


             AXError err1 = AXUIElementCopyAttributeNames(element, &names);


            NSLog(@”%d   %@”,err1,names);   //-25204  (null)


            CFIndex count = 0;

            AXError err2 =   AXUIElementGetAttributeValueCount(element, kAXChildrenAttribute, &count);


            NSLog(@”%d  %ld”,err2,(long)count);//-25204  0



   Swift Code:


         let appRef = AXUIElementCreateApplication(569)  //569 is a running app’s pid


        var count : CFIndex = 0


        let err = AXUIElementGetAttributeValueCount(appRef, kAXWindowsAttribute as CFString, &count)


        print(err.rawValue)  //err.rawValue return -25204

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