How to switch from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager?

I have serval depencies (frameworks) consisting of either pure Swift or C code. With CocoaPods I can create frameworks that my main apps can link to. My main apps are macOS Cocoa Xcode workspaces containing the executable project and a playground for testing.

Is it possible to switch to Swift package manager when you have such existing Xcode workspaces and load/update the depencies which were build with the swift package manager?

I found many articles in the internet but all seems to be based on server side applications. The questin is, is it possible to use an existing Cocoa project (workspace) and link dependencies as swift package mananager modules to it?

Sorry if this questions is maybe stupid, but I really havent found a good tutorial in the internet yet. I know CocoaPods (and also Carthage) right well but have no idea how to switch to Swift Package Manager or if this is even possible for Cocoa apps when the directory structure (Xcode->New Project) already exists.

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