Cannot add data to array inside read statement construct?

Hello all:


I am reading some data from an Azure SQL Server via an AppService, and I want to read the data into an array and then set a TableView to display the array of data. The code is pasted below, and I know the Names are being read correctly via the print statements but I cannot append the names to an array decalred outside the scope. XCode tells me I must use “self”, but the array is empty when the loop exits. If I declare the array in the construct it works fine, but then I cannot access the array outside the scope of the loop, and so cannot set the tableview to display the data.


Any and all help is appreciated!


@IBOutlet weak var namesTableView: UITableView!

     var lastNames: [String] = []

    override func viewDidLoad()



        let appDelegate = UIApplication.shared.delegate as! AppDelegate

        contactTable = appDelegate.client?.table(withName: “Contact”)

        var iNameCount : Int = 0

        contactTable?.read { (result, error) in

            if let err = error {

                print(“ERROR “, err)

            } else if let items = result?.items {

                for item in items {

                    //print(“LastName: “, NSString(data: item[“lastName”] as! Data, encoding:String.Encoding.utf8.rawValue))

                    var thelastname: String?

                    thelastname = item[“lastName”] as? String

                    let unwrappedln = thelastname!



                    iNameCount += 1


                print(“Names count: ” + String(iNameCount))






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