Is IKEv2 MOBIKE mobility protocol supported by NEVPNManager?

Is IKEv2 MOBIKE mobility protocol supported by iOS NEVPNManager?



ikev2.authenticationMethod = NEVPNIKEAuthenticationMethod.none
        ikev2.deadPeerDetectionRate = NEVPNIKEv2DeadPeerDetectionRate.medium
        ikev2.ikeSecurityAssociationParameters.encryptionAlgorithm = .algorithmAES256
        ikev2.ikeSecurityAssociationParameters.integrityAlgorithm = .SHA256
        ikev2.ikeSecurityAssociationParameters.diffieHellmanGroup = .group14
        ikev2.ikeSecurityAssociationParameters.lifetimeMinutes = 1440
        ikev2.childSecurityAssociationParameters.encryptionAlgorithm = .algorithmAES256
        ikev2.childSecurityAssociationParameters.integrityAlgorithm = .SHA256
        ikev2.childSecurityAssociationParameters.diffieHellmanGroup = .group14
        ikev2.childSecurityAssociationParameters.lifetimeMinutes = 1440



Is it something I have to configure separately or is it enabled out of the box?


I would like to improve the connection or loss of when moving from cellular 4G to WiFi / WiFi to 4G.  The server runs StrongSwan IKEv2, which supports IKEv2 MOBIKE mobility protocol out of the box. So my question is if the iOS NEVPNManager enables that automatically, or does it need to be configured?


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