Codable Dictionary with Any as values

I have 2 structs, Struct1, Struct2, which are both Codable.


When I try to encode a Dictionary which has both structs as values:

typealias DataFileDictionary = [String: Any]
var st1 = Struct1(…)
var st2 = Struct2()
        let dictForSave : DataFileDictionary = ["DataSettings": st1, "AllData": st2]
        let json = try? JSONEncoder().encode(dictForSave)


I get the following error on line 5:


Generic parameter ‘T’ could not be inferred.


Is iy forbidden to have such pattern ?


I’ve read some solutions, with registering the types…

h ttps://

Really complex (seem overkill in my case)


I though it could be possible to declare that Any is Codable,

something like

typealias DataFileDictionary = [String: Codable]

but could not find how to express it.


I can use a struct instead, but that does not seem as clean.

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