App rejection due to JSON parsing

We have uploaded an app to app store, it got rejected 5/6 times as during review they can not interact with API calls, it shows “Network Error”. We have verified the test-flight app & found that it is working fine


Only at the time of App store review I got the error “JSON could not be serialized because of error:nThe data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.”


I am using Alamofire for API call.


Here is the request parameter which

“requestParameter”: {“device_token”: “cBXIAfxpEpk:APA91bH8AZYHqMniP5oGNuHT7czD-wHm_ioE-th1_LkN3_w5w_KUa5grT6Ff73D8j9Kn-xONeK4ytT8ZSfVssG9mf4KwJzhY7WdoSxUHxLKNxyGMI0g9ieyuyF25Pi3KwFXDIQmawmow”, “time_zone”: “America/Los_Angeles”, “device_type”: “ios”, “username”: “demo”, “password”: “password”, “location”: “37.452728,-121.940140”}




We have checked with backend API log but there is no log fired at that time , So its unable to communicate from mobile with API


Here is my API method

func serviceCall(withPath path:String, withData param:[String:Any], withCompletionHandler completion:@escaping (AnyObject?) -> Void){
    let requestURL = String(format: "%@%@", BaseURL, path)
    let manager = Alamofire.SessionManager.default

    manager.session.configuration.timeoutIntervalForRequest = 40

    manager.request(requestURL, method: .post, parameters: param, encoding: URLEncoding.methodDependent, headers: nil).responseJSON { (responseJson) in
        print("Response 10: (responseJson)")

        if ((responseJson.result.value != nil)){
           // store details to firebase

        } else {
           // store details to firebase



please help me out already rejected by app store for many times



Thank you in advance !!

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