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Can an enum contain a list of classes?


I have a superclass Activity: SKScene { }, which has sub-private class Activity01: Activity { }, sub-private class Activity02: Activity { } and a sub-private class Activity03: Activity { }.

Each sub-private class contains a timed activity. When the timer runs out before the user solves the activity, a GameOver scene (class GameOver: Activity { }) pops up (with text “Bad luck try again”). I am trying to create an enum in the GameOver class to be triggered in touches began to return the user to their last activity but I cannot solve this one. When tapped it always returns to Activity01. Is there a way to return to Activity02 or Activity03 if they were the last activity?


Here is my attempt:



…}  // Activity03 sub-private class closure


    class GameOver: Activity {


        enum classes {

            case Activity01

            case Activity02

            case Activity03



        var firstClass = classes.Activity01

        var secondClass = classes.Activity02

        var thirdClass = classes.Activity03


        let restartGameText = SKLabelNode(fontNamed: “AvenirNext-HeavyItalic”)


        init(size: CGSize, won:Bool) {

            super.init(size: size)




            restartGameText.text = “Bad luck try again”

            restartGameText.horizontalAlignmentMode = SKLabelHorizontalAlignmentMode.center

            restartGameText.verticalAlignmentMode = SKLabelVerticalAlignmentMode.center

            restartGameText.fontSize = 60

            restartGameText.fontColor = SKColor(red: 230/255, green: 60/255, blue: 70/255, alpha: 1)

            restartGameText.position = CGPoint(x: scene!.size.width/2.0, y: scene!.size.height/2.0)

            restartGameText.zPosition = 5



            let pulseAction = SKAction.sequence([SKAction.fadeAlpha(to: 1, duration: 1), SKAction.fadeAlpha(to: 0.7, duration: 1)])





        required init(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) {

            fatalError(“init(coder:) has not been implemented”)




        override func touchesBegan(_ touches: Set, with event: UIEvent?) {


            if firstClass == classes.Activity01 {


                let transition = SKTransition.fade(withDuration: 2.0)

                let activity01 = Activity01(size: size)

                view?.presentScene(activity01, transition: transition)


            } else if secondClass == classes.Activity02 {


                let transition = SKTransition.fade(withDuration: 2.0)

                let activity02 = Activity02(size: size)

                view?.presentScene(activity02, transition: transition)


            } else if thirdClass == classes.Activity03 {


                let transition = SKTransition.fade(withDuration: 2.0)

                let activity03 = Activity03(size: size)

                view?.presentScene(activity03, transition: transition)




    }   //GameOver class closure

}  // Activity Superclass closure



Thank you in advance


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