Highlight string in text field and remove it at once

Hello everyone,


I have following use case:

I have a search bar to query my database depending on the input of the user. The results will be person data information displayed within a table view. Whenever a user clicks on a specific record, the name of the person object should be added to another textview but kind of highlighted.

To be more clear, let’s say, I select “Nazar Medeiros”, then ideally the whole string “Nazar Medeiros” should be used as one long string.

In case, I decide to remove it from the text view, then the whole name “Nazar Medeiros” should be removed at once  and not with deleting each character one by one. Highlighting could mean having an underline for example.


Can you follow me?


Unfortunately, I don’t have any code to show because I still don’t know where to start.

You will select persons one by one in my case and all the names should appear on that text view like:


Nazar Medeiros, Kaan Cayoglu


After selecting a person  from the table view, I also want to add the object into an array of persons. If the highlighted value is removed, the corresponding object should be removed from the array as well.

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