I need some help trying to figure out what a mangled error message really means.

so… it’s impractical and just a bit too much to post the code… it’s an entire app, several frameworks, and well… a LOT of code. So I’m hoping for some more general advice on this one.


I am getting an error message of : Thread 1: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

at a very wierd spot.

on the first case of a switch, where the item being switched is NOT an optional.

The property being switched is a String, and I can see it in the debugger: It’s not optional and it != nil.


I figured I was facing a recursion issue, but I’ve learned how to recognise them in the debugger, and nope. Not recursion (no irrevocable loop here)


Here’s what I most recently did to my app: I unembedded a View from a tabView in InterfaceBuilder, and had to re-connect 3 outlets.

the error I am getting is specific to making a selection of a model object. (which is the same thing as adding it to an array.)


so the error, is not telling me what’s going wrong, and it’s at a very wierd place that cannot possibly be the issue, and I am at a loss. there’s no indication of _any_ optionals at all in this part of the app.

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