Deploying a SpringBoot Application to Oracle App Container – Part 2/2

In the first part of this blog, I have created a simple SpringBoot application and tested it locally. In this second part I am going to deploy this application to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

Package the App as a JAR file

Type mvn package under app_home. This creates the sample-accs-1.0.jar package under /target.


This file tells Oracle ACCS how to run our application. Insert the following in manifest.json file and place it under /target.

    "runtime": {
        "majorVersion": "8"
    "command": "java -jar sample-accs-1.0.jar",
    "notes": "Sample Application"

Under /target type the command below to zip the sample-accs-0.1.jar file and manifest.json file together.

> zip manifest.json sample-accs-1.0.jar

Deploy to Oracle ACCS

Go to and sign in. The URL might be a little different for you based on your the data center. Once logged in, click Create Application and select Java SE. Give the app a name like SampleApp and choose as the Archive file.

You can also tell Oracle ACCS how many instances do you like to have to host your application. I will go with defaults here. Click Create.

After a few minutes, the application is ready at the specified URL

Same application can now be accessed at URL

You can of course add or delete some cars using a REST client like Postman just like I did with the c_u_r_l utility.


Oracle ACCS provides a simple and efficient way to run your workloads in cloud. SpringBoot is one example of those that you can easily configure and host from a lightweight container that Oracle ACCS creates for you. The complete application can be downloaded from GitHub.

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