Activists and Corporations Team up to End the Ocean Plastics Crisis

A diverse group of experts have created a supply chain collaborative that could solve one of the biggest sustainability challenges facing the planet: ocean plastics.

“I want my music to create an emotional response to the current state of our oceans,” says Garth Stevenson, a Canadian film composer who was part of the recent Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit in the North Atlantic Gyre. “The music should underscore the devastation and urgency while still offering the public and those working in the field a sense of hope for solutions that will lead to healthier oceans for future generations.”

Stevenson goes on to explain that as a musician, the most important skill is being able to listen deeply to other musicians you are creating with. If a musician is a virtuoso but can’t listen to others, their growth and potential for new ideas will be greatly limited.

Last month, the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit brought together a large group of exceptionally talented individuals, true virtuosos in their respective fields.