Why does Xcode say library compiled with command line tools is the wrong version swift?

So, I’m using Carthage – my first project, I usually use CocoaPods (not my choice). I’m trying to build this app using XCode11. I set the toolset in XCode 11 (Preferences -> Locations) to the 10.2 toolset. The project is set to Swift5.


When I run carthage (see below), everything builds fine. No errors or anything.


     $ carthage update –platform iOS –no-use-binaries

But in XCode, when I try to build the app, it complains the libraries are the wrong version. But, isn’t the XCode IDE using the same tools as the CLI builds?

>>Module compiled with Swift 5.0 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.1 compiler


It shows this error on the line “import Alamofire” – how is this happening?

In the terminal, I run “xcodebuild –version” and i get this:

Xcode 10.2

Build version 10E125


Which is what I set in XCode (Preferences -> Locations) as I said above.

What is going on here? Why is the CLI build using Swift version 5.0 but XCode is (appears to be) using Swift 5.1 – how can that be if the same toolset is selected?

Note: I have tried this with Beta 5, the most recent one.

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