Getting Error while uploading XCFramework in cocoapods


I have created a custom XCframework and now i am trying to upload it on cocoapods so that my clients can use it on thier projects. However i am unable to push on pods due to the following error ERROR | [iOS] file patterns: The source_files pattern did not match any file. My XCFramework heirarchy looks like this
—– info.plist,

         ios-armv7_arm64 ,



                              —————–Source Files



                              —————–Source Files

I have tried with this podspec file do |spec|             = ‘CustomFramework’

spec.version          = ‘1.0.0-beta1’

spec.license          =  {:type => ‘MIT’, :file => ‘’}

spec.homepage         = ”

spec.authors          = {  ‘ABC DEF’ => ‘‘}

spec.summary          = ”

spec.source          = { :http => ‘Link of my file’}

spec.source_files     = ‘CustomFramework.xcframework/ios-armv7_arm64/CustomFramework.framework/Headers/.{h,m,swift}’, ‘CustomFramework.xcframework/ios-i386_x86_64-simulator/CustomFramework.framework/Headers/.{h,m,swift}’

spec.library          = ‘z’, ‘sqlite3’, ‘xml2.2’

spec.xcconfig         = { ‘HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS’ => ‘$(SDKROOT)/usr/include/libxml2’ } spec.documentation_url = ” spec.framework        = ‘CustomFramework’

spec.exclude_files    = “Classes/Exclude”

spec.platform         = :ios, “10.0”


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