UIPickerview as inputview to UITextfield shows weird behavior – shows Keyboard instead of picker selection for working code

I have a working code with more than 20 view controllers. Where I used UIPickerView as input view to UITextField which is populated on a network call. The application was tested locally using .ipa file as well as directly installing through Xcode for couple of iterations. Everything was working fine so far.


But all of a sudden started seeing a weird behavior, Keyboard is showing when I tap on the text field instead of Picker selection.

This issue is happening only for few view controllers where it was working fine earlier.  Similar implementation is still working fine for most of the view controllers.

I tried almost all the possibilities including redesigning the page and is working fine on simulator/iPhone when I directly install/run through Xcode.

But when I create an IPA file, still seeing the same issue (i.e. not seeing the picker selection)


I am using Xcode 10.3.


While debugging noticed control is not going to textFieldDidBeginEditing() at all in failed scenarios.

I am completely stuck. Not sure why all of a sudden the working code is broken.


Any direction to fix the issue is much appreciated.

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