For a tech professional, second time’s the charm at Oracle

For Maria, there’s a history
behind her current role as a Practice Manager for Oracle’s National Security
Group (NSG). Before belonging to the NSG, and offering applications consulting
and delivery to its clients as part of the NSG’s Applications group, as well as
being involved in the business development side of things, she had a 14-year
absence from Oracle.

“This is my second time. I
started at Oracle in October 1996 and then left in May of 2001, and then I came
back in January 2016,” Maria recounts. “But when I started back in ’96, I
belonged to Applications Contracts and Sales Consulting,” she adds. So what
made her come back to Oracle? Surely for someone with more than 20 years’
experience in the consulting field—mostly for government and healthcare—,
finding a job almost anywhere else would’ve been easy for her. Despite this,
she decided to return.

“I love that I can apply my
many years of experience with the latest Oracle technology,” Maria says. “Our
organization is not rigid, which makes it easier to reach out to other teams to
collaborate on specific areas where we need more support,” she continues.
“Access to internal training online is seriously unlimited—I am not a very
technical person, but I got my Big Data Analytics certification by taking my
specific learning path,” she also mentions.

But technology isn’t the only
thing that brought Maria back to Oracle. She also has praise for the company’s
culture: “The environment is very different. Oracle has many, many more
opportunities for career development. Management is very interested in making
sure that your ideas are taken into consideration.”

For these reasons, Maria
decided to return to Oracle. And though she’s not the first Oracle employee to
leave for other ventures, she also isn’t the first to return upon remembering
why Oracle is such a great place to work. “Oracle is the whole package. Even
though I was at other companies, I was always talking about Oracle being so
good. The environment is great and the camaraderie is fantastic. It has been a
great experience, and that is why I came back,” Maria concludes.

Interested in joining the
Oracle National Security Group? Learn more about current available
opportunities by reaching out to Lucas Jaramillo

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