Database with Swift and SwiftUi

I’m leaning to code there for i made up my own Project so i learn a veriaty of stuff along doing that. My next step is something like an in App on device database. I know so far it has something to do with core data . I’d like some tipps and tricks maybe and suggestions where i can find waht I’m looking for I dont now the specific termology maybe .


So a quick rundown what i have in mind.

It’s an App to store character sheets for roleplaying games. In this shoulde be stored like more then one charcter at once like up to 100 or so I doubt this limit will ever be reached but who knows. Each Character has 11 attributes und some othere values that are calculated out of these attribute(all interger). Also each character has a set of skills ( physikal/mental/speech) that can easy reach like 50 entries combined(set of strings and integers). Then you have stuff that could augment or decrease values from your attributes stats. Not to forget that you have also like gear and vehicle and other stuff that needs to be stored and access along the usage of your charcter and the app.


So is this possible with only swift? Do I create like a file for each charcter ? Can the Appuser input most of the stuff on his own or do i give him options he just selects or is there no limitation and its just an UI thing i can/could provide? And can i access and store like a picture if the user wants to?

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