New to Swift. Issue connecting data source to combobox.



I’m new to Swift and have met an issue populating a combobox with a dataset pulled from a PostGreSQL database. I can connect to the database just fine, but I can’t figure out how to set the datasource on the dropdown, or otherwise populate the items in the combobox. I am atempting to connect to the database and populate the dropdown in AppDelegate while my UI is in a storyboard. I’m guessing I’m somehow refrencing the combobox incorrectly?


If I try to add items to the dropdown individually, the code runs fine but the combobox doesn’t populate. If I attempt to set the datasource to a dictionary filled with the Keys and Values I get “Cannot assign value of type ‘[String : Int]’ to type ‘NSComboBoxDataSource?’.”


I know in Windows Forms I can set a name and value for each item in my comboboxes. Is this possible here too?


Thanks in advance for your time.


guard status == PGConnection.StatusType.ok else { //guards from failed connections
                print("Connection to database was unsuccessful")
                print("Error: (status)")
            let res = p.exec(statement: sqlDropdown)
            print("select statement result status: (res.status())")
            var dropdownItemsDictionary: [String: Int] = [:]
            let num = res.numTuples()
            let ComboBox = NSComboBox()
            for x in 0..                let org_id: Int = Int(res.getFieldString(tupleIndex: x, fieldIndex: 0)!)!
                let org_name: String = res.getFieldString(tupleIndex: x, fieldIndex: 1)!
                let org_type: String = res.getFieldString(tupleIndex: x, fieldIndex: 2)!
                let curr: String = res.getFieldString(tupleIndex: x, fieldIndex: 3)!
                let mining_addr: String = res.getFieldString(tupleIndex: x, fieldIndex: 4)!
                print("Entity Index = (org_id) org_name = (org_name) org_type = (org_type) currency = (String(describing: curr)) mining_addr = (mining_addr)")
                dropdownItemsDictionary[org_name] = org_id

                //ComboBox.addItem(withObjectValue: org_name)
            ComboBox.dataSource = dropdownItemsDictionary

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