How to resolve this error? xcode generated Project-Swift.h error



  • SWIFT_CLASS("_TtC12palaceCookie18OrangeExchangeUtil")
    @interface OrangeExchangeUtil : NSObject
    - (nonnull instancetype)init OBJC_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;
    - (void)productsRequest:(SKProductsRequest * _Nonnull)request didReceiveResponse:(SKProductsResponse * _Nonnull)response;
    - (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue * _Nonnull)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray * _Nonnull)transactions;


palaceCookie-Swift.h:353:43: Unknown class name ‘SKPaymentTransactionObserver’; did you mean ‘SKPaymentTransaction’?

palaceCookie-Swift.h:353:73: Unknown class name ‘SKProductsRequestDelegate’; did you mean ‘SKProductsRequest’?

palaceCookie-Swift.h:353:43: Type argument ‘SKPaymentTransaction’ must be a pointer (requires a ‘*’)

palaceCookie-Swift.h:353:73: Type argument ‘SKProductsRequest’ must be a pointer (requires a ‘*’)

palaceCookie-Swift.h:353:33: Type arguments cannot be applied to non-parameterized class ‘NSObject’




import Foundation
import StoreKit

class OrangeExchangeUtil: NSObject, SKProductsRequestDelegate, SKPaymentTransactionObserver {


XCode 11.2 Swift 4.2

How to solve this error? thankyou!

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