Custom encoder encodes only superclass keys

I aim to create custom Encoder based on Codable API and itend to give a lot of funcionality

for free by relying on default encode(to: ) implementation and not requiring to create custom implementation.

It works as expected for structures, but with class instances which use inheritance i stumbled

on behaviour which would encode only superclass keys.


Here’s the test function i’m testing:

func testNestedClassWCodingKeys() {
  class L1: Codable {
  init() {
  var L1_A_KEY: String
  var L1_B_KEY: Int
  var L1_C_KEY: Int = 2
  var L1_D_KEY: Float

  class L2:L1 {
  override init() {
  L2_C_KEY=L3(L3_A_KEY: "L3333", L3_B_KEY: 333)

  required init(from decoder: Decoder) throws {
  fatalError("init(from:) has not been implemented")
  try super.init(from: decoder)
  var L2_A_KEY: String
  var L2_B_KEY: Int
  struct L3: Codable {
  var L3_A_KEY: String
  var L3_B_KEY: Int
  var L2_C_KEY: L3

  let t = L2()
  let encoder = TDGBinaryEncoder()
  XCTAssertNoThrow( try encoder.encode(t))

As you see we don’t use any custom encode(to:) implementations.

The first thing our encoder do when in encode()(line 44) is called is to respect Encodable encode(to: ) implementaion and call it.

func encode(_ encodable: Encodable) throws {
  //respecting default and custom implementations
  debugPrint("request for encoding",encodable)
  try encodable.encode(to: self)

then as expected, default encode(to:) implementation tries to encode super keys for L1.

here’s the debug output:

"line 38: creating keyed container"
"line 74: encoding L1_A_KEY"
"line 74: encoding L1_B_KEY"
"line 74: encoding L1_C_KEY"
"line 74: encoding L1_D_KEY"

And then it stops…

But we expected default encoding implementation to call nested keyed container on L2

Could You please comment why it’s not encoding L2 keys ?


P.S. We can send whole project for investigation

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