What is “Supported external accessory protocols” for Canon cameras? Where is list of these strings?

When dealing with External Accessory on an iPhone, in the info.plst, “Supported external accessory protocols” as strings are required before the device can be accepted/connected/session. Vendors as poart of MFI program, created hardware that is MFI compliant. As a result of being compliant there is an associated “external accessory protocol, ” a string. For EADemo, the string is “com.example.apple-samplecode.data.” Where can I find the list of existing “external accessory protocols” for existing supported devices? Specifically, a Canon Camera. Don’t suggest contacting huge company, behind the bunker, Canon. Elsewhere I saw a string of “still-camera.”


In summary, list of “external accessory protocol” (plist.info suitable) strings for existing devices?

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