Help needed with email app

So i have these 4 screens:


this is an app im developing for me as im in the media team at school and constantly need to run and tell my teacher ill be away.

I need all of them to link up somehow and create an email.

for example, this is what the user would do.


Screen 1: Enter his name

Screen 2: Enter what class he is in by clicking a button

Screen 3: Enter what period he has, by scrolling through a pickerview (Period 1 – 5)

Screen 4: Enter why he is going to be out of class by scrolling through the pickerview options.


also screen 2 includes the teachers email, so who to sent the email to.


If the user inputs 1. Bob, 2. Food, 3. Period 1, 4. Editing a video,

the auto generated email will look something like:



From: my email

Subject: Out of class notice


“To Miss Lady.

Just a quick notice to let you know that

‘Bob’ will be out of class during ‘period 1’ today as he is

‘editing a video’ for the media team.





Hope someone can help out! Thanks guys!

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