is it possible to create a custom invitation for multipeer connectivity

I want to customize the alert that shows up on device B when a device A sends a signal to connect and would like to connect. ( the alert that shows up on Device B that says ” iPhone user would like to connect” and has the options to either accept or decline ). Is there anyways I can change the wording to this alert. It would solve my biggest issue that I have been dealing with for the last month. Iv looked up some tutorials but they are very old and I have coded my Multipeer differently and can’t really get a handle on what they are doing. Any source code or linked tutorials would be great. I am using xcode8 and swift 3. Iv already coded my multipeer connectivity. and then coded the UIAlert just don’t really understand how to integrate it in this particular way. Thanks in advance Moreover, below is a linked example. I would like to change the wording on this… To ” Are you ready to play… and then change the accept and decline to YES and NO. I would paste my code but I do not know if that is allowed. Again thanks in advance

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