Swift 3 documentation vanishing?

I’m developing an application in Swift 3 using Xcode 8.3.2. Until today, I was referring to the language guide and reference here:


But just today (I can see so in the revision history), the content has been updated to Swift 4, and I don’t see a way to access the Swift 3 version of documentation. Given that Swift 4 is pre-release and requires Xcode 9 (which is in beta), I will not yet be making the switch. But in the meanwhile, I’d like to still be able to access documentation for the current stable version! What can I do?


I tried out swift.org https://swift.org/documentation/, but the download link there for the ePub document “The Swift Programming Language” has also been switched to Swift 4 and I can’t see a download for the Swift 3 version.

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