Retrieve information in Notice ‘batteryStatus’


Looking for some API to retrieve information of batt. But I have the condition to work under iOS 10.

So, I found something very interesting!

Looking the console of device, I found this:

Jun 20 11:01:50 Billys-iPhone locationd[57] : {“msg”:”battery capacity info”, “batteryStatus”:”{“level”:98.000000, “charged”:false, “connected”:true, “chargerType”:”kChargerTypeUsb”, “wasConnected”:false”, “”:””, “currentCapacity”:”1470″, “maximumCapacity”:”1500″, “batteryIsDifferent”:”0″}

Jun 20 11:01:50 Billys-iPhone coreduetd[2650] : CDDBatteryMonitor: received batterycallback, currentPercentage:98.000000!


The question is: How can I retrive on Swift this information?

I need the currentCapacity and maximumCapacity.


Thank you!

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