Connect QNAP-NAS to site

Because my site running under virtual machine it has limited resources for disk space. For solve this problem I was need connect my QNAP-NAS to the site. So, initial data:

  1. QNAP NAS in local network with static ip-address.
  2. Personal web-site in virtual machine with static ip-address
  3. Router with internet link and switch

Now algorithm for this operation:

  1. Create user “www” on QNAP NAS
  2. Create directory at NAS, share it and setup permissions “r+w” for “www” user
  3. Mount shared directory in Ubuntu by it instruments

    Attention! Be sure to add to mount command options “uid” and “gid” with local user and his group for correct rights at directory.
  4. Change in WordPress files default upload path to mounted directory.
  5. Enjoy 🙂 Now I have 2Tb for on QNAP-NAS for my personal web site.

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