Run Oracle’s Powerful Big Data Cloud Platform In Your Own Data Center

The latest version of Oracle Big Data Cloud Service – Compute Edition, designed to help organizations easily process and analyze massive amounts of information, is now available for customers to use in their own data centers, under the newly expanded Oracle Cloud at Customer program announced this week.

Oracle Cloud at Customer lets companies keep their data in their own data centers, for regulatory or other reasons, while still reaping the cost efficiency, high availability, flexibility, and other benefits of Oracle cloud applications. Oracle’s big data platform, known as BDCS-CE, is also available in the Oracle public cloud.

BDCS-CE leverages the latest open source technologies, including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, and offers customers top performance and security functions as well as easy integration with Oracle’s database, data integration, and analytics platforms. “In a matter of minutes, our customers can spin up a cloud-native big data cluster that’s optimized for their particular use case,” says Diby Malakar, Oracle vice president of product management.

The big data software is designed for several common challenges, including processing vast amounts of streaming data, batch processing, and machine learning, he says. Its easy-to-use data visualization tools are ideal for novice big data users, while its speedy data “ingestion” and processing suit experienced data scientists.

Customers can start small and expand their big data computing and storage as needed, paying only for the capacity they use.

In an interview, Malakar highlighted some of the features customers most appreciate about Oracle Big Data Cloud Service – Compute Edition:

  • It’s easy to use. Because it’s in the cloud, managed by Oracle, customers don’t have to worry about setup, configuration, or management.
  • It’s elastic. Customers can instantly scale up or scale back their computing and storage capacities.
  • It’s fast. Oracle has designed the system for “intelligent ingestion,” whereby vast quantities of data are pushed into the platform at top speed.
  • It offers top performance. Oracle has engineered the platform for high-speed in-memory analytics workloads.
  • It stores and processes unstructured as well as structured data, including texts, emails, and Twitter feeds.

Learn more about Oracle Big Data Cloud Service – Compute Edition and how customers can build and populate a data lake.

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