A Cloud Within Your Data Center—Without Compromise

By Nirav Mehta, Oracle vice president of product management

Despite the benefits of the cloud, many organizations are still sitting on its sidelines due to data residency or privacy legislation and challenges around network latency. Historically, there have been many attempts to offer cloud from the customer’s own premises, but most are a significant compromise and poor alternatives, which leave the user having to procure the software, hardware, and support services from different vendors, and then manage it themselves.                              

The result is not simply to buy and use (like the public cloud), not consistent with the capabilities of public cloud services, and doesn’t have the accountability and responsibility of ownership that you get with the public cloud. Everyone talks about moving applications and data to the cloud. But what if the public cloud with all its efficiency and simplicity moved to the data wherever it resides?  

After talking to CIOs across the world, I learned that there is significant latent demand for an offering of this type, especially given their goals of wanting to significantly reduce the cost of operating and managing IT infrastructure and increase efficiencies.

What they want and need is a cloud without compromise, that is not defined by location, and that can be in the data center of the cloud provider or the customer’s own data center. Regardless, they get the exact same experience commercially and technically—and can move workloads back and forth freely. 

That is what they get with Oracle Cloud at Customer, and why I am delighted to share that we are extending it to include:

  • Flexible infrastructure expansion options so you can elastically scale your deployment as you grow, and support for flash storage to meet the high-performance requirements of workloads such as big data and analytics, and high IO database.
  • Support for all Oracle PaaS categories, including Data Management, Application Development, Big Data and Analytics, Integration, and Identity Management. 
  • New SaaS capabilities across our ERP, HCM, SCM, and CRM portfolios, so users can now consume SaaS services from within their own data centers. Oracle provides all necessary hardware and software, and manages the entire service platform so the customer can focus on using the services. 

Truly a cloud without compromise, available to you in your data center, fully managed and provided by Oracle. All we need from you is some data center space and network cabling—and a cloud service subscription order! And that is why, since the offering first came out 12 months ago, organizations across 35 countries and six continents have chosen Oracle Cloud at Customer, including the likes of AT&T and Bank of America.

For more details, read the full press release here.


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