Wiper repairs

Four weeks ago windshield wiper on rear door of my car is broke down. I don’t have enough time for visiting with this problem to the service station but I have four days of the weekends for solve this problem. Then I has armed by the famous e-catalog “AllData” which used by many servicemen. I found the necessary information about unmount rear windshield wiper on next path: Diagnosis and Repair ==> 2004 ==> Ford Truck ==> Expedition 4WD ==> V8-5.4L SOHC VIN L ==> Body and Frame ==> Doors, Hood and Trunk ==> Trunk/Liftgate ==> Trunk/Liftgate Striker ==> Service and Repair. On this page I found detailed instruction about process. I thought what the engine of wiper has broke down – this very often happens. But when I unmounted module of wiper from liftgate and tried to start the engine of wiper it worked! Well… I have tried to turn wiper shaft on unmounted module but failed. By advice of my friends from forum club www.Ford-Trucks-Club.Ru I found out next moments:

  1. The shaft of the wiper must turn freely
  2. The shaft of the wiper must dismount freely from the module after lockring remover.
Ford Expedition II, rear wiper module from liftgate

Ford Expedition II, rear wiper module from liftgate

I had put┬ámodule into┬ávise and tried to unmount the shaft. Only when I used much WD-40 I could pull shaft from the module. Had very many rust into channel of shaft. After clear channel and shaft I put grease like Retinax EP 2 into channel and shaft was mounted back to its place . After this process I checked work of wiper – its worked very fine!

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