Learn More at Conferences: How Oracle OpenWorld Is Changing the Game

By: Lauren Mckay 

Social Media Manager

We are excited to announce that the Oracle OpenWorld Session Catalog is live! We are adding new sessions on a consistent basis, so keep checking back to find your favorite sessions and speakers.

That’s not all! We’re also introducing the next iteration of Collective Learning—a new series of session formats focused on learning, retention, and exchange of information.

These sessions are designed to help you get the most out of your Oracle OpenWorld experience and overcome the obstacles that hold you back from learning. We’ve taken into account cutting edge academic research to bring you these new formats, knowing that everyone learns differently, and that information overload has presented new challenges related to knowledge retention.

Our hope is that these inventive session formats will help you leap to new ideas and take in knowledge faster. Moreover, we want you to empower you to take what you learn back to your team and make those around you experts as well.

Take a look at the session types for 2017. Whether you prefer games or lively conversation, at Oracle OpenWorld you will have an opportunity to learn in ways no other conference can provide.

·         Home Room: A special track-based series to start and end each day with your peers.

·         Brain Snacks: Explore topics that matter to you in a series of 1:1 conversations with fellow experts.

·         Game On: Learning through playing, and playing to win in a team-based game show environment.

·         Make Your Case: Tackle some of the best Oracle case studies through a hands-on workshop that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

·         Flipped Session: A new take on the general session. These two-part sessions give you a chance to apply our content to your real-world challenges.

·         Solve Sessions: There’s no question that our experts can’t solve. Join them and work through the biggest questions being asked at Oracle OpenWorld.

·         General Session: Expert-led presentations covering the latest and greatest in the Oracle ecosystem.

·         Fireside Chat: Join a group of specialists in a casual setting where we dive into content through a conversational based chat format.

·         Keynote: Our executives and key partners take to the stage to share their visions and corporate announcements, trend forecasting, and personal perspectives with a large audience.

·         User Groups: A user-led session that provides educational and networking opportunities while relaying Oracle’s strategy and direction.

·         SIG Group: Informal user group-led sessions that provide important updates from group leadership while allowing group attendees to network and learn from each other in a more casual setting.

·         Journey Mapping: Gain a deeper understanding of a complete customer journey with a hands-on approach.

·         Hands-On Lab: An in-depth tutorial on how to properly use and execute Oracle software in a classroom style setting.



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