How do I add properties to a class when I update my app when users already have created class instances?

I have an app where users create a “Worker” object defined by my Worker class.  I want to add some additional properties to this Worker class in an update (date of hire, jobs completed, etc.).  How can my current users utilize these new properties with their older Worker class instances.  All new Workers of course have the new properties available but the old ones seem to be left out since they were created before the update.  Is this possible?  I have searched and I don’t know if extensions or something else could work since my new properties are stored.


My data is being stored using NSCoding.  The problem is when I update my app with the new class properties, class instances created before the update don’t get the new properties.  In other words, to have access to the new class properties do users HAVE to create a new class instance.  If so then how do you add features to existing apps?.

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